Whatever your objectives, communicating your activities, performance and results should be a big focus.   Positively influencing the perceptions of your key internal and external audiences is critical to the business case for doing what you do.

You may not have primary responsibility for your organisation’s internal and external communication.  But working more effectively with those that do, to better leverage the outcomes of your activities and performance improvement, will almost certainly feature strongly in any performance assessment.

In the same way you cannot have an effective change strategy that is not aligned to the organisational strategy, you cannot have a standalone change communication approach.

You will want to help shape your organisation’s communications, working for mutual benefit with the in-house teams and agencies charged with delivering it.  That objective is built into any performance improvement recommendations, programme design and project management we deliver.

We are not a PR agency, design or reporting consultancy that has bolted on change capabilities as a business development tool.   We are a specialist change consultancy with wide experience of working with in-house and agency teams communicating with employees, customers, the wider public, investors and opinion formers – such as policy makers, analysts and NGOs – as an integral part of our mission.

Of course, you may have communications responsibility or your organisation has no dedicated or specialist communications team.  In which case, we can work with you to develop appropriate plans and support their implementation.

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