valuing non-financial performance

Are you someone who has something to offer and something to gain from joining other ‘thought leaders’ in a community of practice focused on better connecting financial and non-financial performance?

You will probably have a professional interest – investment industry, corporate, consultant, researcher, or academic – in a whole range of issues where the linkage between financial and non-financial is the probable common bond

All sorts of organisations would be positively impacted by more robust approaches to valuing non-financial performance in key activities such as:

  • investment and business cases;
  • investment modelling and other quantitative investment methods;
  • corporate/investor relations;
  • integrated thinking and reporting;
  • project and change management processes;
  • HR management;
  • risk assessment;
  • brand and marketing analysis.

There is tremendous work being done by so many people, often in isolation, where collaboration with others engaged in similar or complementary fields – across professional silos – could potentially accelerate the effort and yield better results.   We are bringing that community together to help members explore and exploit the opportunities.

We recognise that there are many groups, with thousands of members, for every professional silo and relevant issue.  This group is about joining those things up and why it needs to be narrowly focused.  Our mission is to address three key challenges.

How can we:

  1. identify more effective ways to monetise or valorise non-financial factors?
  2. where this is not possible, use indicators and metrics to fully represent the value – short and long term – of non-financial performance to better inform decision making?
  3. ensure these concepts are integrated into management, accounting, reporting and investment conventions?

Members are invited personally, rather than institutionally, to bring their intellectual property to the group although we also recognise that personal and professional lives are inextricably interwoven.

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