brand & reputation

Your organisation’s value is almost certainly far greater than the combined value of the physical assets and the cash that you own.  We’re not in to semantics, so call it brand, reputation or intangibles but, whatever it is, it is almost entirely dependent on you continuing to do what you do well.  Or better.

Your value is largely dependent on the positive perception of employees, customers, the wider public, investors, and opinion formers.   So do you know what these audiences think of you?   And what factors drive their perceptions?

Our performance assessment process will address those questions.  But we are not naive enough to think we are better placed than you or other colleagues – in Marketing, HR, Investor Relations, Risk Management, Corporate Affairs and so on – to answer them.   But what we do is help identify how your respective objectives align and where you can add value to their work in protecting and building the brand and reputational value of your organisation.

We can also scope ways in which your objectives can be met by joining up the interests and expertise of colleagues across the organisation.   That is to create the business case for new practice, processes, products and markets that would not stack up for you or colleagues in isolation.

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