performance improvement

Of course when we first meet, we will have done our homework.  A full scope analysis of your organisation, against our tried and trusted framework, based on what’s publicly available and any documents you care to share with us.

But we know we need to interrogate you, perhaps together with members of your team, to get the insight that only an insider can provide in order to fully test our analysis.  This will include:

  • Organisational and team strategic review
  • Objective identification
  • Preliminary performance assessment
  • Our unique financial and non-financial performance gap analysis

We will then be in a position to make initial recommendations for a routemap to achieving agreed outcomes.  This might include:

  • Identifying a project sponsor
  • Agreeing who else needs to be involved
  • Confirming ultimate objectives
  • Designing an action plan
  • Scoping potential performance measures
  • Proposals for successful implementation
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