investor relations

If investors are not a key focus of your change communications strategy, they should be.   You can directly influence their perception of your organisation, the way it’s run, and its value.  And that means your business case.

By investors we cover the whole range of individuals and institutions potentially investing in your organisation – from shareholders, asset owners, asset managers, analysts and ratings agencies, private equity, down to the bank manager and other funding providers.

Generally, however, the emphasis is on equities and stock market value.  But the principles of good investor relations apply across all investor classes and we can help you build a strong investor relations programme targeted at the appropriate audience.

Our expertise is in translating performance into material financial and non-financial measures.  That translation is at the crux of the dialogue between your organisation and investors.  How you articulate your strategy and plans and support with hard performance data is fundamental.

And that’s not just in reporting but includes participation in relevant indices and investor benchmarks, one-to-one meetings with key analysts and asset managers, investor roadshows and industry social media.   We will help identify your target audience, work up key messages and build the platforms to deliver them.

Of course, you may have an Investor Relations team.  That makes things much easier and we will work with you and them to develop the synergies in your work.  After all, the importance of non-financial information for investors is growing rapidly, especially when it is clearly linked to the strategy and financial fundamentals of your organisation.

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