We don’t think it’s possible to work effectively with real change managers without having done the job.

It’s not enough to be a great consultant or have wide experience as a business stakeholder.  When it comes to sustainable change, you have to know what it takes to make strategic choices, build internal coalitions across the organisation, influence up and down the management line, create the case for resources in a competitive environment and inspire passion in colleagues for goals that are not currently part of their game plan.  And then deliver.

John Swannick has done all of those things in delivering strategically aligned sustainable change in one of the UK’s largest companies.  He has taken that practical experience to develop thinking and identify solutions to some of the big challenges posed by sustainable change in a number of professional and industry initiatives.  And he has applied that personal and professional experience in working with senior executives and change managers in companies of all sizes across a range of sectors.

In so doing, he has brought together a number of associates – leading practitioners in their field –  to support him in client delivery.

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