Why do you need to report and, once you have answered that question, what are you intending to report and how?

Too often, reporting is the starting point or an end in itself – driven by perceived external (and sometimes internal) expectation – when it should be one outcome of a performance improvement process.  Done well, it should also be a tool to support delivery of your key objectives.

That said, we know it is an important function for your team and you may have experienced the need to develop your reporting in isolation from other business objectives.  Our approach is intended to specifically bridge that gap.

The initial performance assessment maps all the relevant activity and sources of data needed to compile your report.  We will have identified the gaps and potential remedial actions.

Only then will we propose a reporting framework.   That will be based on your objectives, assessment of what is possible and the alternatives open to you.   Above all, it will depend on who your critical audiences are and how best to communicate with them.

Our expertise is in aligning organisational strategy and team goals, translating performance into material financial and non-financial measures.  But we are also experienced in designing and delivering reporting approaches across a range of platforms as part of a coherent communication strategy.

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